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Free search engine visitors (what they are and how to get them)

 In fact, free search engine visitors are the best types of site visitors, because the relationship between this type of visitor and the popularity of the site is a direct relationship, in other words, the more visitors to your site who access it through search engines for free, the more famous it becomes.

Free search engine visitors (what they are and how to get them)

There are other ways to get visitors to your sites but they are not as important as organic search engine traffic. Most of these methods are catalysts for increasing the number of visitors in general, but the preferred (and often profitable) visitor to sites is the search engine visitor who comes to your site naturally.

In this article, we introduce you to free search engine visitors and the easiest ways to get them for your website or online store.

Who are the visitors of the organic search engines?

Zora organic search engines are the visitors who come to your site through the search engines naturally, and they belong to the category of visitors that you get for free, they are also called visitors obtained naturally or organic traffic.

The importance of visitors to free search engines lies in their voluntary visit to your site without motivation or invitation, as is the case with other means. They are visitors interested in viewing the content that you publish on your site or wish to purchase services and products from your online store.

The most important search engines that website owners aim to get visitors through:

Google Google

Bing Bing


Duck Duck DuckDuck

There are other search engines, but they are less popular than the previous ones. In general, website owners aim to get visitors from Google and Bing search engines, while other search engines vary in importance from one website owner to another.

Advantages of free search engine visitors

1. You can get them for free

Cost is a very important factor in the field of websites. Any website owner already has several aspects that require paying sums of money on a monthly basis, such as website hosting rent, writers’ salaries, and social media page management expenses. All of these costs constitute financial burdens on website owners.

In other words, getting anything for free in this field is a valuable gain. What about the visitors who represent the main nerve to make profits?

2. Increase your site's profits

Website owners depend on several ways to profit from their sites, such as displaying ads or participating in the commission marketing program, any way to profit from sites depends mainly on visitors, their number and variety.

For sites, a greater number of visitors may mean more views of ads if they depend on the profit system from ads in exchange for impressions, but if they depend on profit for clicks, the higher the number of visitors, the higher the number of clicks in most cases.

Finally, for electronic stores, increasing the number of visitors leads to an increase in the sales volume of these stores. The visitor of the free search engines arrived at your store because he is looking for a product he would like to buy, and therefore the probability of buying this product from your store is often high.

3. Competitiveness

As a new website owner, you will have to compete with sites that contain more content, have a larger marketing budget, and much more. A large part of the ability to compete is related to studying competitors and their aspects of excellence and superiority in them.

New sites may find it difficult to compete with older sites in terms of popularity and exclusive content, although it is different to get free search engine traffic as this aspect of competition is subject to great effort and planning.

For example, using long keywords well helps your site to rank high in the search results. You may not believe this, but search engines care more about the benefit your site provides than its popularity.

4. Credibility

One of the most important benefits of visitors to free search engines compared to visitors to paid search engines is the amount of credibility they add to sites. The presence of a large number of visitors on a particular site means that this site provides distinctive content or at least useful to them.

Any website owner who promotes his site as a distinguished site in its field and provides useful and sometimes exclusive content. As a visitor, you may not be convinced of the distinction of this site based on the advertisements that appear to you about it, and you may even ignore it at times, but what may motivate you to visit this site is its presence in the first search engine results.

5. Your organic search engine visitors will indirectly market to your site

Visitors to free search engines will not only visit your site when they like it, but also promote it among their friends and acquaintances.

Remember when you read a useful article on a blog and then posted it on a social media platform and invited your friends to read it? Well I participated in marketing this website on this platform and did the owner a favor.

Disadvantages of organic search engine visitors

1. They are not easily obtained

Compared to the process of getting paid search engine visitors, getting organic search engine visitors can be difficult. You need to take several steps to be able to attract these visitors to your site.

For example, you will need to target certain keywords to be the focus of the content you publish, even if they are strange or linguistically inaccurate. You will also enter into competition with sites older than you in the field of your site, which is fierce competition and success in it is difficult.

2. Maintaining organic search engine visitors can be a stressful process

There are some factors that make it difficult to maintain the number of visitors you get from organic search engines such as:

Updates to the search engines' algorithms for ranking sites in their results.

Visitor behaviors that change from time to time.

Fierce competition with the largest and oldest sites.

The need to make some technical updates to attract organic search engine visitors from time to time.

The above factors mainly stress new website owners, but they remain a source of concern for all website owners alike.

3. There is no one-size-fits-all method for attracting visitors

t free search engines

There are a number of steps and methods that succeed in attracting free search engine visitors to sites, although there is no clear and explicit path that a particular site owner can follow.

New website owners will have to try all known methods and methods to attract visitors to free search engines, some of these methods may work for them greatly while others may not lead to the desired results.

Attracting visitors from organic search engines is very much a trial and error method, which is cumbersome and requires a lot of patience.

What are paid search engine visitors?

Although we dedicate our article here to the visitors of the free search engines, we must address the visitors of the paid search engines to try to separate them and clarify the difference.

Paid search engine visitors are the visitors you get through paid search engine marketing. This is done by relying on the Pay Per Clicks advertising service provided by most search engines.

Some owners of popular websites and online stores rely on the pay-per-click service almost permanently.

The owner of the site pays for the appearance of his site in the first search results when the visitor searches for a specific content or product. This service works within an advertising framework, meaning that it is considered an advertising campaign with specific targets and duration.

Advantages of paid search engine visitors

1. You can get them easily and quickly

Obtaining visitors from free search engines is a time-consuming process that requires a large number of steps. As for paid search engine visitors, getting them takes place almost instantly.

The owner of the site creates an advertising campaign and targets a specific category of visitors, and begins to obtain them as soon as the campaign is approved by Google.

Of course, the process of creating a campaign requires some knowledge of the field of online advertising, although this process is easy when compared to the steps that website owners must take to get free search engine visitors.

2. High quality visitors

Paid search engine visitors are the visitors whose categories and interests you choose yourself. In other words, when you run an advertising campaign to get this type of visitor, you can choose the best visitor for your site in terms of interaction and return on investment.

High-quality visitors are what any website owner is looking for. For content sites, they are the visitors who browse the site and interact with the ads that appear to them on it. For online stores, they are the visitors who are likely to buy products.

Search engines guarantee you to get a suitable number of visitors for the amount you pay to get them, knowing that these engines do not guarantee you that the visitor will perform the action you want (this is your task), but they send to your site the best visitors that match your goals.

Free search engine visitors have many benefits, but there is a large percentage of them that may not be appropriate for your site and sometimes you reach it by mistake. This does not happen with paid search engine visitors, because their attraction to sites is based on specific factors and through accurate algorithms.

3. Flexible targeting options

Let's assume that you are the owner of an online store that sells electronic devices and you are looking for visitors who are interested in buying these products. You can create an advertising campaign on the appropriate search engine for you and target visitors who search for the products you sell.

You can apply more than one targeting within the campaign to get specific visitors. In the previous example, you can target visitors who search for a specific electronic device and usually buy from online stores.

Search engines take advantage of the information they know about visitors in order to devise advanced targeting options that suit the goals of the sites.

Disadvantages of paid search engine visitors

1. Cost

Getting paid search engine visitors may not be expensive at all, but there are factors that significantly increase its cost.

Some of the most important factors affecting the cost of getting paid search engine visitors:

Campaign duration.

The country of the targeted visitors.

The search engine you want to get visitors from.

As a website owner, you may sometimes have to carry out an advertising campaign to get paid search engine visitors, and this will not cost much, but if you want to rely on this method to get long-term visitors, you will have to pay huge sums.

2. Getting them may require some skills

The benefit of paid search engine visitors is directly proportional to experience in online advertising.

Search engines provide various options to get paid visitors, you need to understand all of these options if you want to get the right visitors for your site and your goals.

Understanding these options is simple, and search engines provide some means and tools to explain how to use them, but understanding alone is not useful. Understanding these options alone will not enable you to get the best visitors to your site.

You need to combine what you understand about the options offered by these engines with your site and its goals in order to get the right visitors for it.

3. It cannot be relied upon as the only permanent source of visitors

Unlike organic search engine visitors, relying on paid engine visitors is often temporary for small and medium websites.

Large websites and huge online stores can bear the cost of advertising on search engines for a long time or permanently, however, these sites cannot rely on paid search engine visitors as the only source of visitors.

Obtaining free search engine visitors is the natural path for any site, and it can also be relied upon as a basic success indicator for any site. Getting your site to a large number of free search engine visitors means that your site is growing and thriving naturally.

How do you get free search engine visitors?

Getting free search engine traffic isn't easy, but it's not

Very difficult too. In this part of the article, we introduce you to the most important ways in which you can easily get free search engine visitors.

1. Define your target audience and create content that works for them

Your target audience is who you want to visit your site, and it is the main reason for creating it and a major factor in the process of determining its content. You are supposed to define your target audience before you create your site or in the early stages of launching it.

The content of the site has its primary role in attracting the target audience, and therefore this content must provide the value that this audience is looking for.

Some new website owners neglect to focus on a specific audience (or a specific segment of it) while creating the content of their sites, so you find an article about technology, another about games, and a third about money without interdependence or even tabulation.

  Diversity of content is useful, of course, but it must be done with advance planning and understandable organization. The equation of content and audience is very simple; The audience interested in economic content is interested in news related to it, and so on for the rest of the interests and segments of the audience.

Of course, the process of creating your specialized content in a specific field should not be done randomly. In other words, the technical content audience is not looking for any technical content, but rather looking for specific topics that you must discover and create content about.

Knowing the content that your audience is searching for is done with the help of certain tools that we will discuss in the next point on keywords.

2. Use keyword identification tools to help you create content

Creating content for your site without using keywords can be like driving a car with your eyes closed, without exaggeration. The content you add on your site will have no value without targeting and adding certain keywords.

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